BOOKS For Parents

Helpful Hotlines & Apps

24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 1.800.841.1255

Bluebonnet Trails Mental Health Services: 1.830.798.2902

Domestic Violence Hotline: 1.800.664.3574

National Youth Crisis Hotline: 1.800.442.4673 (HOPE)

Crisis Text Line: Text “HOME” or “HELLO” to 741-741

Smiling Mind App (Free)

Breath2Relax App (Free)

Virtual Hope Box App (Free)

Family Fun Activities

Read a book at the library
Blow bubbles

Go to the park

Create together
Plant a seed and watch it grow
Take a hike and picnic to Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge or Inks Lake State Park
Paint with a paintbrush and a bucket of water outside. It's fun with no clean up!
Make Aromatherapy Playdough or Mind Jar